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What is a Sex Therapist?
Sex Therapists counsel individuals and couples (and sometimes their families) who are experiencing difficulty in their lives due to sexual issues. Some examples of these issues are: 

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If financial concerns are a reason you are not getting help, we can talk. 
Everyone is entitled to a healthy sexual life.
Sexual desire (too low or too high), orgasm difficulties, arousal difficulties, painful intercourse, sexual abuse or trauma, confusion in sexual identity or gender issues, sexual orientation issues, sexual fear, sexual self-image, power struggles, sexual addictions, sexual conflicts, premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculations, sexual acting out, or ungratifying sexual experiences.  
Low-sex and no-sex relationships are a problem that affects 40 to 60 million Americans. Shame, secrecy, and denial prevent people from having a happy, healthy sex life, and/or relationship(s). Sex therapy is similar to marriage and family therapy, but it concentrates on the emotional and sexual intimacy couples needs to regain in their relationship.

Sex therapists work with couples that have lost the desire to be sexual and helps them regain that desire. They also work with couples with other sexual dysfunctions. Sex Therapists work with clients by talking with them. The real "work" is done at home. 

Even after years of a low-sex or no-sex relationship, a new found sexual intimacy will bring your relationship to a new level. Working through the problem as an intimate team, and learning to prevent relapse is an incredible gift to give one another. You both will be happy you did.

What is Sex Therapy?
A Certified Sex Therapist is a board certified professional, specifically trained in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual problems. In addition to their education in psychology, counseling, or medicine, sex therapists have had extensive training and supervision and have passed strict professional requirements to receive their certification.

The use of "sex therapy" or "sex therapist" is not clearly defined in most states. There are many self-appointed experts who call themselves sex therapists on the internet and in magazines, but lack proper training and qualifications. 

A Certified Sex Therapist educates and guides clients towards discovery and resolution of their sexual concerns. Sex therapy sessions never involve sexual contact, or any kind of sexual activity or nudity in front of the therapist. Certified Sex Therapists are expected and bound to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner with their clients, at all times.

I would be honored to share that journey with you!

Dr. Jaffe